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        You are the solution

        All we ever hear when it comes to climate change is that we are all too small to do anything — and that’s true, if we act alone. But not when we as individuals are part of creating a lasting change in habits and trends amongst all dudes and dudettes across the globe. Worldwide, 72% of greenhouse gas emissions stem from private consumption choices. 72% - That’s almost three quarters! That’s enough to make all the difference in the world.

        How do I impact the climate?

        Which are the goods and services that we choose to buy without realising how much they affect the planet? What are the services we know have a large effect but we wish to consume anyway? Living in today’s society causes emissions, and that’s fine. Learning where most of them come from is the very first, and in a way the very biggest, step we can take towards making a real change.

        For people living far up North like the Spark founding team, one of the main sources of emissions that affect the climate is the heating of homes, offices, schools and other places we visit and like to feel warm in. For most people, our second most important climate impact is the consumption of goods and services. This includes that new pair of shoes and the new laptop, the powering of the sound system at a concert or cleaning of a hotel we go to when visiting relatives in another city. Depending on how much you travel, this category jumps around on the biggest-to-smallest category list — it’s on average about 20 to 25% of personal emissions and more if you fly a lot. Other ways we impact the climate is through the food we eat, the electricity we use and the waste we produce.


        Sustainable choices

        Here are some examples of everyday choices that impact the climate in a positive way -they are micro changes in our habits that, when many people apply them, amount to a large reduction in emissions. We think you’ve heard the saying many drops make an ocean..

        Stay cool

        Space heating works in a funny way: an increase or decrease of temperature by just 1°C affects the energy consumption by 5%. 5% less energy → 5% less emissions! If you can’t face a 1° colder temperature at home then this is good to keep in mind at least when you’re away from home — then you can dial down a bit more!

        If you own or
        use a car

        Think of the different situations in which you choose to drive, and try to come up with an alternative mode of transport for one of these types of trips. Could you hop on a bus and read a book while commuting on Mondays to start your week off softer compared to sweating in traffic? Or could you bike to the gym? Remember, just one is enough! :)

        If you are thinking of
        buying a new car

        What type of car you drive affects the emissions tremendously much. Ranging from about 30 grams with an electric car* to as much as 300 grams per km for an old, inefficient car or an extremely heavy car — make sure to check what the emissions are on the models you are considering!

        *electric cars have zero emissions from driving if you pay for certified green electricity.

        A delicious

        Next time you’re cooking something hot for that hot date - try something new! Vegan or vegetarian recipes offer a change-up to the good old habits and it is delicious! Plus, it’s super trendy. A vegetarian diet causes about 35% less emissions than an omnivore (“normal”) diet — but even just trying it once counts as a sustainable choice. Or once a week if you already tried it. ;)