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        White and orange lighthouse July 18, 2019

        Spark supports Moomin in anniversary campaign to save the Baltic Sea

        “The truth about the state of the Baltic Sea came to everyone’s attention at the latest during the blue-green algae summer of 2018, and in a terrible way. That’s when the idea to start a campaign, sup...
        July 14, 2019

        Nordic initiatives join forces to save the Baltic Sea

        The state of the Baltic Sea and our climate are closely connected. Many of the operations that release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere to increase global warming also contribute to the eu...
        April 26, 2019

        Looking back at the Spark x Loudspring Impact Evening

        Earlier this year, Spark was contacted by Loudspring and asked if we would want to help them arrange an event about impact to celebrate the launch of their impact report 2018. And since we’re firm bel...
        April 23, 2019

        Spark järjestää ilmastovalmennuksen touko-kesäkuussa!

        Psst! Läs nyheten på svenska här.   Spark Sustainability järjestää Ilmastovalmennuksen 6.5.–17.6.2019. Valmennuksen tarkoituksena on kokeilla, voisivatko ilmastoteot olla hauska ja sosiaaline...
        March 8, 2019

        Spark’s greetings from the Finnish Youth Climate Summit

          On Saturday 2.3, 500 young people gathered in the Finlandia house in the heart of Finnish capital Helsinki to discuss climate change and to request stronger leadership from politic...
        December 20, 2018

        An office saved a reindeer’s weight of emissions in just one month!

        A workplace can be the perfect place to get a whole community to engage in climate action. The employees at the Nasdaq Helsinki office have been working for a greener office for many years, and they h...
        December 4, 2018

        Check out the climate-smart calendar and immaterial gift cards!

        Spark Sustainability teamed up with Mya Design to create the Climate-smart calendar for next year and the climate friendly gift card! With Christmas approaching and many of us starting to think about ...
        November 14, 2018

        Spark helps Nasdaq Helsinki calculate saved emissions

        The employees at Nasdaq Helsinki office have been working for a greener office for many years. Campaigns such as encouraging everyone in the work community to use bikes or to walk instead of using car...
        August 21, 2018

        Spark Sustainability’s crowdfunding exceeded its goal

        It’s fair to say that Spark Sustainability’s first crowdfunding campaign on the Joukon Voima platform was a success: we reached the minimum amount of 1 000 € during the first 24 hours and exceeded the...
        July 10, 2018

        What a start to our crowdfunding campaign!

        Honestly, you lovely people really show the power of community. Just before midsummer, Spark Sustainability launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign and in just a few days, we reached over half o...