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        Category: Sparkling Stories

        Hand holding pen between two computers December 12, 2019

        Spark supporting Neste ahead of employee Climate Week

        The purpose of the Climate Week was to empower Neste employees around the globe to make more climate-friendly choices in everyday life. Spark Sustainability created five short educational and inspirat...
        A group of people walking towards the Nolla Cabin in Vallisaari to have a zero waste picnic. November 21, 2019

        The Zero Waste Lifestyle – How to start a global movement

        “Thanks to zero waste, our family discovered a life based on being instead of having. We’ve also been able to show that the habits of a single family can have a huge positive impact and initiate a glo...
        Colourful houses around channel in Venice September 5, 2019

        On track towards a better future – Spark’s Jasmin explains why slow travel is the new megatrend

        Interrailing has been on my bucket list since high school – the idea of an adventure on tracks felt so intriguing! But it wasn’t until IPCC published the Global warming of 1.5 ºC report in 2018 that...
        White and orange lighthouse July 18, 2019

        Spark supports Moomin in anniversary campaign to save the Baltic Sea

        “The truth about the state of the Baltic Sea came to everyone’s attention at the latest during the blue-green algae summer of 2018, and in a terrible way. That’s when the idea to start a campaign, sup...
        July 14, 2019

        Nordic initiatives join forces to save the Baltic Sea

        The state of the Baltic Sea and our climate are closely connected. Many of the operations that release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere to increase global warming also contribute to the eu...
        Bees in hive July 10, 2019

        Saving the little ones

        “It all started a few years back when we were wondering what could be used as ecological surf wax. Most of the surf waxes are made from petroleum-based products, such as petroleum jelly, and while sur...
        Man and woman raising glasses towards the sunset. June 28, 2019

        Celebrating the small victories: The tales of Spark’s climate heroes

        Spark’s first ever climate coaching gathered 22 climate heroes from the Helsinki area to share inspiration and support each other in reaching personal climate targets. Some of them had already been ma...
        April 26, 2019

        Looking back at the Spark x Loudspring Impact Evening

        Earlier this year, Spark was contacted by Loudspring and asked if we would want to help them arrange an event about impact to celebrate the launch of their impact report 2018. And since we’re firm bel...
        April 23, 2019

        Spark järjestää ilmastovalmennuksen touko-kesäkuussa!

        Psst! Läs nyheten på svenska här.   Spark Sustainability järjestää Ilmastovalmennuksen 6.5.–17.6.2019. Valmennuksen tarkoituksena on kokeilla, voisivatko ilmastoteot olla hauska ja sosiaaline...
        March 20, 2019

        Zero wastefulness – the secret to a happy life

        In March, Spark Sustainability focuses on plastic, both in our articles and our climate-smart wall calendar. “I grew up in a home where some sustainable habits were just a given part of life: we re...