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        Category: Climate change basics

        November 1, 2019

        Mikä ihmeen lentovero?

        Tarkkaavaisimmat ovat huomanneet, että tämän viikon lauantaihin asti on mahdollista käydä allekirjoittamassa lentoveroa ajava kansalaisaloite. Eduskuntakelpoinen kansalaisaloite edellyttää 50 000 ...
        Person reading a newspaper May 29, 2019

        A hot topic – Media’s role in solving the climate crisis

        What we see in media has a considerable impact on our own impressions and actions. It’s also one of the key factors shaping the scientific and political discussion. (Boykoff & Roberts, 2007.) Clim...
        May 8, 2019

        Here’s why the bike should become king of the road (again)

        The bike has been around for several centuries now.  Bikes, especially in Europe, represented the most important means of transport during the early 1900's. With car ownership becoming popular in th...
        April 1, 2019

        Your guide to the climate elections!

        Where do the parties stand when it comes to transport related issues?   We compiled a list of which parties have stated measures that are exceptionally good for the climate in the Finnish...
        April 1, 2019

        Oppaasi ilmastovaaleihin!

        Millaisia linjauksia puolueet ovat tehneet liikenteeseen liittyen?   Ilmaston kannalta erinomaista: SDP mainitsee ohjelmassaan useita liikennesektorin päästöjä vähentäviä toimia. E...
        March 14, 2019

        Plastics changed society once. Now it’s doing it again

        Plastic has changed the world. The low-cost and versatile material has saved millions of lives by bringing sterile single-use equipment to health centers and making it possible to store food safely. A...
        February 13, 2019

        Spark’s Sustainable Travel Guide

        Travelling expands our personal horizons, improves our cross-cultural understandings, or enables us to finally relax and take that long-needed break from our day-to-day life. The tourism industry is o...
        February 6, 2019

        Individuals can directly impact 70% of global emissions

        Whenever a problem is encountered, most people prefer it if someone else takes responsibility. In the case of climate change, for a long time that “someone” has meant politicians and the industry. In ...
        January 10, 2019

        Why your actions might matter more in 2019 than ever before

        At Spark Sustainability, we’re on a quest to spark collective action on climate change, and we thought we’d kick off 2019 by explaining why that’s such a big deal.   Have you ever been in a b...
        October 17, 2018

        What counts as a climate action? Building a cooler tomorrow

        The IPCC just released its latest report on the effect of temperature rise on our planet, and the message from the scientists is crystal clear: the world needs to become carbon neutral by 2050. That w...