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        This is a place for real, personal stories on how to create a better, cleaner world. Here we gather all of these stories from you, your friends and that fun local initiative you just heard about.

        What are sparkling stories? They’re stories about individuals and small everyday actions that make us smile, think and be inspired. Here the Spark team will also share its own stories so that you can keep up with our journey, and you’ll be able to read about other companies and organisations working for a less hot climate too.

        Enjoy reading these stories that are packed with inspiration, concrete tips and personal perspectives on how emission reductions can be realised in real life!

        Do you wish to share your story or do you have a good tip for one? Share your ideas with the Spark Community by sending an e-mail to:

        July 10, 2018

        What a start to our crowdfunding campaign!

        April 13, 2018

        Spark Sustainability’s Sparkling Team