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        We need everyone to feel like they are part of the solution to stopping climate change.

        What we do

        Spark Sustainability enables and inspires people to make climate-friendly choices in everyday life. We give you science-based facts on greenhouse gas emissions, and show you the huge impact our actions have when we combine our efforts. But most of all, we show you that taking climate action isn’t about giving up on things, it’s about improving quality of life. 


        With Spark Sustainability’s Carbon Donut, individuals can calculate their personal carbon emissions and see which climate actions have the highest impact with the lowest effort. Next up, we are building a platform that connects conscious consumers with companies that offer products or services that reduce carbon emissions – all to make the transition to climate-neutrality smoother. Join us in making personal climate action the next big thing!



        We envision a world in which personal climate action drives business decisions, political agreements and technological advancement to stop climate change. Spark is building a bridge between conscious consumers and companies so that we can create this world together and mitigate one heck of a lot of emissions in the process. 

        Meet the team

        We are a group of science and communication enthusiasts who are passionate about translating climate science into easily understandable, actionable pieces of information, and using it to inspire and help people make better informed climate-friendly choices in everyday life.

        Emilia Koski

        Chairperson of the board


        Noora Lakkonen

        Business development


        Matilda Catani

        Content creator

        Veeti Huotari



        Riikka Mikkola

        Customer relations


        Lahja Vierimaa

        Business development


        Jasmin Järvinen

        Content creator


        Special thanks to our supporters:

        Johanna Rosenlew

        Anna Thostrup

        Kim Rejström


        Linda Koskinen

        Head of communications


        Anna Vanha-Honko

        Marketing specialist


        Nina Litman