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        Together we are more

        What if there was a place that allocated all of our combined climate efforts so you could see the tremendous effect small choices have when many people make them?

        What we do

        Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Many people are concerned and want to do something about it, but it is not easy to know where to begin. Spark Sustainability is all about helping and inspiring people to make climate-friendly choices in everyday life. We give you facts about which actions matter the most, and show you the huge impact we actually have when we combine our efforts. But most of all, we offer you a fun way to reduce your carbon footprint. We hope you’ll join us on the common journey towards stopping climate change – one small step at a time!



        We empower and inspire people all around the world to be part of the solution to climate change.

        All we ever hear when it comes to climate change is that we are all too small to do anything – and that’s true, if we act alone. But not when we as individuals are part of creating a lasting change in habits and trends amongst all people across the globe.

        We dream of a future where society can thrive in symbiosis with nature. Where everyone has access to the comforts we’ve gotten so used to, without exploiting the natural resources of our planet. A future in which we can live our lives without worry that it affects the lives of future generations negatively. And a society that can sustain itself for centuries to come. If we join our efforts, that future can be ours.

        Meet the team

        The team behind Spark is an all-female perfect mix of science and communications knowledge. The founding trio of Anna, Felicia and Amanda is supported by Spark’s creative spirit Johanna, by social psychology guru Kyara and by the corporate responsibility expert Anna T.

        Anna and Amanda are the data girls: they do research on where emissions come from and how much different lifestyle choices mitigate them. Felicia crafts the texts on Spark’s website with years of experience of writing about sustainability on her personal blog, and Johanna is the talent behind Spark’s website and visual brand. Kyara helps craft Spark’s communication with behavioural science in mind and brings valuable psychology knowledge to the team. Anna T is a helping hand in producing visual content and bringing the non-climate nerd perspective to the table.