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        It started with a moment of realisation, and led to a strategy that will shape operations for years to come. As Moomin Characters realised the company’s growth is based on the manufacturing of products, making it an environmental burden, the company decided to take action. With Spark Sustainability’s support, they have not only reduced their own carbon footprint by 16%, but also implemented a strategy to engage licensees in their climate work.

        During 2019, Moomin Characters took their climate work to the next level with a deep analysis of how they can operate in a more climate-smart way. Spark Sustainability supported Moomin Characters by calculating their operational emissions, creating a climate action plan that helped reduce them by 16%, and holding a workshop for the employees to support them in becoming climate ambassadors. And the work didn’t stop there — together with Moomin Characters, Spark Sustainability developed an ambitious strategy to help licensees adopt climate-friendly practices.

        “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with a company that sees the possibilities and understands the value of working with climate issues. What’s been most exciting about this project is the massive impact it can have. Moomin Characters don’t stop at their own operations — they’ve realised that by engaging licensees in this work, together they can really make a difference”, says Anna Eriksson, co-founder of Spark Sustainability.

        Man and woman on stage in front of an audience
        Spark Sustainability’s CEO Amanda presenting the results from the project at the Nordic Moomin Licensee Meeting 2020.


        This project is just the starting point for work to come; Moomin Characters aim to put the climate strategy at the very core of their business. Educating and engaging the company’s own employees was an important step to be able to achieve that, and is also one of the reasons they turned to Spark Sustainability for support.

        “Moomin Characters believes strongly in the work that Spark Sustainability is doing in terms of climate change and engaging people,” says Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters.

        The collaboration will continue in a slightly different format throughout 2020, as Spark Sustainability is a proud supporter of the #OURSEA campaign