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        Our app is finally here!! It’s called The Donut, and it inspires climate-smart habits and connects you with low-carbon service providers. We hope you'll love it!

        The beta version of Spark’s carbon tracker The Donut was launched today! We will now be collecting user feedback and perfecting the app for the final launch later this year. 

        The Donut is a tool to encourage and support you on the journey towards a one planet lifestyle. It helps you find climate actions tailored to your life, explains their impact, and tracks your progress so that you can see the difference you and the rest of the Donut Tribe are making with every climate-smart decision. 

        “Our goal is to get 2000 users to test our beta version, and get feedback on everything from what kind of climate action tips they want to how we can improve the user experience”, Spark’s CEO Amanda Rejström says.

        Screenshots of The Donut
        In Spark’s new app The Donut, you start by calculating your lifestyle carbon emissions to understand where you can make the biggest impact with the lowest effort. The Donut gives you concrete tips & inspiration while also connecting you with brands that offer future-friendly solutions.

        We’re continuously working on improving The Donut to fit the lifestyle and needs of the Spark Community. We want to make The Donut the perfect tool to help you live a climate-smart life, so don’t hesitate to share all of your brilliant ideas and development suggestions with us! 

        Let us know what we can do to make you love The Donut even more by sending us direct feedback through our social media channels, leaving a review through your app store or through this feedback form

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        Download The Donut from:

        App Store
        Google Play

        and give your feedback here.