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        Imagine a room full of smart and ambitious people, all working towards solving environmental issues - that was the Impact Evening in a nutshell. It was a blast! We want to direct a huge thank you to all the speakers, our co-host Loudspring, and each and every one of the attendees that kept the discussion going until long after the final presentation had ended. 

        Earlier this year, Spark was contacted by Loudspring and asked if we would want to help them arrange an event about impact to celebrate the launch of their impact report 2018. And since we’re firm believers of working together to reach our common goals, of course we said yes! Said and done, we decided to invite some of our favorite speakers to talk about impact from their point of view, and ended up with an incredible mix of researchers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, and one inspiring speech after the other. Below are three of our favourite quotes from the evening:


        “If we change, society changes, and if society changes, the world changes!”
        – Jukka Kajan, CEO of Joukon Voima
        “I’m always late, but there’s one deadline that I don’t want to miss, and that’s the deadline for our planet.”
        – Sauli Böhm, ResQ Club
        “We need everyone to feel like they are part of the solution to stopping climate change.”
        – Amanda Rejström, CEO of Spark Sustainability

        During the evening, we heard about the science behind climate change from Dr. Joonas Merikanto, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Juhana Vartiainen, MP from Helsinki, talked about the connection between climate change and economic growth. He pointed out that destruction of nature is not the only consequence of climate change; it will also instabilise societies and economies. Then three young entrepreneurs – Anna Lehtola from Lovia, Jukka Kajan from Joukon Voima, and Sauli Böhm from ResQ Club – showed us how they’re driving businesses with sustainability as the core value.

        Anna Lehtola, CEO of sustainable handbags company Lovia, shares her views on how the fashion industry could start producing in both more ethical and ecological ways.

        Lehtola highlighted how there are two big issues for the fashion industry today: both ecological and ethical questions for production need to be tackled. Spark’s own Amanda Rejström highlighted the power of a community. “We need everyone to feel like they are part of the solution to stopping climate change.”, she said.

        Antti Kerppola shared his views on sustainable cities whereas Jay Hennessy talked about the importance of looking at emission reductions from a long-term perspective, and developing tools to achieve large, long-term impact. A highlight of the evening was of course Loudspring’s impact report for 2018, which was presented by Joshua Burguete-Kirkman. The impressive results of the impact of Loudspring’s investments include:

            • CO2 emissions avoided: 146 948 ton
            • Water saved: 15 731 156 m3

        “The CO2 savings from the Loudspring portfolio are the same as 251 451 return flights from Helsinki to Phuket”, Burguete-Kirkman told the audience.

        All in all, this evening really show the positive impact that conscious business operations can have. Stopping climate change isn’t just good for our planet  — it can also be good business!


        Joshua Burguete-Kirkman from Loudspring explained how investing can help save natural resources.