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        The Finnish general elections are drawing closer! Which political decisions are needed to stop climate change? What do the Finnish parties plan to do about it? Find out in Spark’s climate-friendly election guide!

        In order for society to become carbon neutral, structural changes are needed to enable or speed up the transition. In this guide, we have selected three topics which are essential from a climate point of view, and dug deeper into the parties’ views in these areas.

        Since political decisions can make it easier or harder for us to make sustainable decisions, voting is one of the most important climate actions we can take. Here, we guide you through the jungle of political agendas and help you select a party that shares your values in relation to climate change!

        Where do the parties stand when it comes to transport related issues?


        We compiled a list of which parties have stated measures that are exceptionally good for the climate in the Finnish version of this blog post – find more info there!

        What about electricity & heat?

        And carbon sinks?




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