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        The employees at Nasdaq Helsinki office are running a campaign to make workday lunches more sustainable.

        The employees at Nasdaq Helsinki office have been working for a greener office for many years. Campaigns such as encouraging everyone in the work community to use bikes or to walk instead of using cars for commuting have been successful and the popularity of biking and walking keeps growing every year among the staff.

        This November Nasdaq’s employees keep aiming high: they are running a campaign that encourages the staff to eat vegetarian lunches more often. The goal is a whopping 200 vegetarian or vegan lunches during November. At the end of the month, Spark will calculate just how much emissions were saved by switching meat or all animal products to veggies.

        Making these projects and changes happen in a work community feels meaningful. Knowledge and thoughts spread through coffee table conversations, raise awareness and can be taken home. I’ve learnt a lot from our discussions and campaigns and keep getting more and more excited about this topic”, says Tiina Horttanainen, one the masterminds behind the vegetarian lunch campaign.

        Nasdaq Helsinki belongs to Nasdaq which is a leading global provider of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services.


        Stay tuned for the results (we sure can’t wait)!