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        Out of the eight crowdfunding rewards, three stood out in popularity. Here’s what they say about Spark’s community.

        It’s fair to say that Spark Sustainability’s first crowdfunding campaign on the Joukon Voima platform was a success: we reached the minimum amount of 1 000 € during the first 24 hours and exceeded the final goal of 5 000 € on the last campaign day, August 13th, with the total pledged amount of 5 396 € from 87 supporters. We are excited and humbled for the support and are now developing our service and marketing further with it.

        All of the rewards were designed to support Spark Sustainability’s mission: to empower YOU to make climate-friendly choices mitigating carbon emissions.

        Here are the 3 most popular rewards:

        1: A collection of our team’s favourite vegetarian recipes.

         Great many of you seem to look for new inspiration for climate-friendly eating, which is amazing! Cooking sustainable vegetarian dishes at home instead of eating out and consuming animal products is one of the easiest (and most delicious) ways to cut your carbon emissions. Perhaps we’ll continue sharing our favourite recipes on Instagram in the future?

        2: An invite to our fabulous discussion night.

        We can’t wait for October 15th! Then we’ll gather together with you to learn more about climate change and sustainable lifestyles, mingle, and enjoy a glass of SPARKling wine. As the discussion night was also included in other rewards, a total of almost 50 people received an invite. If you missed this one, no worries – we have other sparkling events planned for you in the future, too.

        We’re very glad to know that this kind of communal action interests our supporters. Fighting climate change needs to become a common mission shared by all individuals, and to make this shift, we need to come together, make climate matters a regular topic, and learn from each other. It’s easier to be change your habits with some peer support!

        3: Real and virtual tree.

        The third most popular reward was planting a real tree in the nature and a virtual tree on, where our unique virtual forest will be opened in September! While the real trees are very small now, they will grow and continue absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during their whole lifetime.

        The same logic applies to individual climate action: While it may not feel that impactful to cut that warm morning shower by 2 minutes or to skip that car ride to work, the impact will add up as time goes by and the group of us striving for a change grows.

        And with the resources our 87 supporters have granted us with, we at Spark Sustainability are able to grow that group of change makers much quicker. Thank you for being part of it! <3

        This photo is the first sneak peek from last week’s photo shoot which was also one of the rewards in the crowdfunding campaign. Photo: Aino Huotari