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        Wow! Our crowdfunding campaign kicked off beyond expectations and there’s still time to join the movement! With this support, we'll get a few steps further in making small climate actions easier and more fun for everyone. Among other things, we'll continue developing the Carbon Donut to make it fun to use and easy to understand.

        Honestly, you lovely people really show the power of community. Just before midsummer, Spark Sustainability launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign and in just a few days, we reached over half of our goal! Today, we have crowdfunded 2740 euro, that’s more than double of our minimum target of 1000 euro and as much as 55% of our goal of 5000 euro. A HUGE thank you to everyone who’s supported us. ❤ 

        Truth to be told, the whole idea of a crowdfunding campaign came from you. Many people asked us both in real life and on social media (you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, right 😉?) about how they could contribute in the Spark Sustainability community in a concrete way. This crowdfunding campaign offers you one way to do that. There is still time to join the movement!

        Crowdfunding for small climate actions

        With the funds already raised, we will be able to ramp up our marketing. With your support we are able to develop our course on climate-smart living and make sure that 500 people sign up for it by the end of this year! And have you already tried our Carbon Donut? If not, you can fill it out here. With the support from the crowdfunding, we will continue developing the Carbon Donut to make it fun to use and easy to understand for everyone.

        If we reach our goal of 5000 euro we’ll be able to do even more. This sum would allow Spark Sustainability to get it’s very first employee working part-time this autumn. A growing company needs increasing powers, and we really want to be able to show our true appreciation for the skilled people needed to move this forward! Spark needs more talents especially in marketing analysis and IT.

        Shared joy is double joy – shared impact is even more

        Spark Sustainability believes that the added power of individuals can turn our society towards a more sustainable path. Companies are constantly tracking consumer trends and politicians are busy trying to guess what the voters really want.

        The amazing thing about the direct and real power of the crowd is that even small climate actions add up and become significant together. Even the smallest contribution to our crowdfunding campaign means a lot when there’s many of you, and especially at this stage when we’re still taking our first baby steps towards our vision of making climate action easier and more fun.

        We humans are in the end very social – yes, we have our selfish, private needs, but one of those needs is to be accepted in our community. That’s why the power of the community is so great. For example, our society has just decided that some specific branded clothes or shoes are super cool. That means we also have the power to decide that some climate actions are super cool!

        The Carbon Donut is just one way of offering you a fun way to track and reduce your carbon footprint – there is much more to come! We’re constantly moving forward, and next year an app might already be in the making… Join the movement to keep up with the latest news from the journey towards a carbon neutral society!