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        All we ever hear when it comes to climate change is that we are too small to do anything. Yet, 70% of global emissions are connected to personal consumption choices, hinting that our social norms do make a huge difference. At Spark Sustainability, we work to spark collective climate action because we believe the top-down policies need broad support from a bottom-up movement.

        At Spark, we believe everyone can be part of creating a carbon neutral future. Research shows that people taking action in their own lives is actually one of the best ways to achieve the policy-level change that is needed to boost large-scale emission mitigation.

        Our personal climate actions serves three purposes – they reduce our own emissions, they send a message to businesses that climate-friendly goods and services are in demand, and they encourage decision-makers to implement climate-friendly policies. So where to begin? Fill out the calculator above to deepen your knowledge of where emissions come from and to get tips on what measures you can take to start the journey towards carbon neutrality.

        We are Spark

        We inspire grassroot level climate action and empower people all around the world to be part of the solution to climate change.

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