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        All we ever hear when it comes to climate change is that we are all too small to do anything. Yet, 70% of global emissions stem from personal consumption choices, which means that we have all the power in the world to make a change. Spark Sustainability quantifies the impact of small climate actions to show you the power of the crowd.

        At Spark, we wanted to get a head start at creating the carbon neutral future. Join us on a bold mission: mitigating 10% of the consumer choice-related emissions through the crowd sourcing of climate action!

        10% of directly consumer-controlled emissions in the Nordic countries -that’s about 15 190 000 tonnes. How fast can we reach it? Fill out the calculator above or read our tips to find out what measures you can take to start growing the pool of avoided greenhouse gas emissions today.

        We are Spark

        We inspire grassroot level climate action and empower people all around the world to be part of the solution to climate change.

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