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        We are Spark Sustainability

        The Donut Platform

        We’re creating a tool to drive change towards a climate-smart society. The Donut provides consumers with concrete tips on how to reduce lifestyle carbon emissions and offers companies a window to promote their climate-smart products and services.

        Are you a business with a climate-smart solution?

        Consultancy projects

        We consult companies on emission calculations and help
        market low carbon products and services by visualising emission

        Reference cases

        Moomin Characters

        Moomin Characters took their climate work to the next level with a deep analysis of how they can operate more climate-smart; in internal operations, as employees, and with their partners. Spark Sustainability created a climate action plan to help reduce emissions from their internal operations, held a workshop for the employees to support them in becoming climate ambassadors, and worked with Moomin Characters to create a strategy for how to help licensees adopt climate-friendly practices.


        Neste, a company creating sustainable solutions for transport, business, and consumer needs, arranged a Climate Week to empower Neste employees around the globe to make more climate-friendly choices in everyday life. Spark Sustainability created five short educational and inspirational posts with different topics for each day of the week, from commuting to office habits. The challenge was to create content that would be relevant for all employees, regardless of whether they are situated in Finland, Singapore or the USA. The campaign was well-received among the employees and sparked engagement, read more here.

        Lagerblad Foods

        Finnish food producer Lagerblad Foods wanted to support their customers in making conscious food choices by spreading knowledge about the climate impact of their products. Spark Sustainability supported Lagerblad Foods with research and content planning. The result was a climate meter that visualises the greenhouse gas emissions caused by different main ingredients in an easily understandable way, which is now used in their product catalog.

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        The Donut makes climate action easy — beta version launched today!

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